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Why is it important to waste less?

It costs you money to dispose of products when they become waste...

In the UK we produce 177 million tonnes of waste every year. A significant proportion of the waste generated from households is food and drink, although other material such as plastics and packaging waste are also produced and cost money too. It is estimated that the disposal of food and drink waste from UK households costs £12.5 billion each year. In London alone, we produce 890,000 tonnes of food waste per year and 61% of this is avoidable.

It’s bad for the planet...

We cannot keep producing waste at the same rate because it is a wasteful practice which means that valuable materials may end up being buried in landfill sites from which they cannot be used again. Production as well as disposal of waste can have a harmful environmental impact; biodegradable waste, such as food waste is particularly harmful. If food is thrown away, the resources used to produce it in the first place, packaging, transportation, as well as disposal – are all for nothing. Furthermore, food waste in landfill contributes to climate change, producing the potent greenhouse ‘landfill gas’ – a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide and a liquid called ‘leachate’ which if uncontrolled can lead to groundwater contamination. 

In fact, if we all reduced our food waste and therefore reduced emissions, it would be like taking one out of four cars off the road.