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What else can I do?

There are many other ethical considerations when we shop. You could consider some of the following: 

  • Buy food produced in season, avoiding food that has had to be transported by air.
  • Where possible, support your local economy and buy fruit, vegetables and meat from local grocers, butchers, box schemes or farmers’ markets, where all items are locally produced. 
  • Overfishing is putting many species of fish in danger, as well as upsetting the ecosystem; opt for less endangered varieties and buying ‘line caught’ fish.
  • Fair-trade products, such as cotton, have been grown in a sustainable way, both in terms of farming methods but also from an ethical perspective, supporting development in communities across the globe.

Finding ways to waste less at home can be satisfying; not only do we save money, we can also feel more self-sufficient as we don’t always need to get to the shops to buy more. Follow us on Twitter for more information.