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Furniture and electrical items

If something breaks, simply replacing it with a new version can sometimes appear the most convenient solution. Yet by extending the lifespan of the item through repair we can save ourselves money. This course of action also avoids unnecessary wastage of materials and resources; both for the production and retailing of a replacement item, and also the energy required to sort and process/recycle the unwanted object.

If you have the time and motivation, you may find that you can repair something by yourself. There is a lot of information available online, including tuition videos which talk you through the repair of anything from fixing a washing machine door to reupholstering an armchair. Parts for items can be requested from the manufacturer and most companies have troubleshooting information or direct contact for customer services.

There are many repair services and schemes available in London. Charities such as the Repair Cafe, or Restart offer free advice and hands-on repair assistance. There are also many local businesses specialising in repair. What’s more, if you need to repair a large household item, many manufactures provide repair services as part of their legal obligation to minimise the number of their products thrown away.