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How Can We Reduce Single-Use Plastic?

Research carried out by Censuswide has found that 69% of people in the UK want to help the environment more, but three out of four aren’t sure how to go about it. Half of the 2,020 adults surveyed believed that the best way to help was to recycle more. Recycling is certainly an excellent way to save valuable materials from disposal and convert them into new products. However, what’s better still is reducing waste in the first place. This can be especially difficult when out and about, but that’s where NLWA is here to help…


This summer, NLWA is urging north London residents to take one small step which could significantly reduce waste but also save money: switch to a reusable bottle. Disposable plastic water bottles can cost up to £2 each, so even buying one plastic water bottle per week could add up to around £100 over the course of a year. Investing in a reusable bottle is an especially good idea during the summer, making sure we don’t get caught out in the hot weather.

Since the Mayor of London launched the Refill London scheme earlier this year, there are hundreds of refill points across the capital. NLWA is keen to encourage more shops, bars and cafes to get involved and make it easier for people to refill their water bottles on the go. Business can sign-up to the Refill London scheme here, or alternatively, simply click here to download a ‘refill here’ poster to offer free water to passers-by.

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