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3 Meals Challenge

How to cook what you love

We are encouraging north London residents to take our #3mealschallenge and try planning just three meals for the week ahead. Planning meals in advance means you can eat the food you love, save money and also reduce food waste. Planning just three meals a week allows you to have some flexible days, in case your eating plans change, or for when you have leftovers to use up.

Two of our participants, Chris and Yashoda, put together a short food diary to let us know how they found the 3 Meals Challenge. Read Chris' diary here and read Yashoda's diary here.

If you've taken the 3 Meals Challenge, we'd love to know how you got on - email us at communications@nlwa.gov.uk or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Need recipe inspiration?

We’ve put together a list of websites that have nice meal ideas:






You could also check out newspaper and supermarket websites, as these also have lots of great recipes.

Perfect portions and leftovers

It can be hard to get portion sizes just right, but leftovers don’t need to be a bad thing – you can even cook extra to make sure you have some have for lunch or dinner the next day, or to freeze for another occasion. And if you have any odd ingredients left in the fridge, just type them into a search engine with the word ‘recipe’ and you’ll get a list recipes to choose from.

Meal planning and food waste

Meal planning isn’t for everyone, or you may already have a system that works for you. We are running the #3mealschallenge campaign because research from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) identified meal planning as one of the main ways that people can reduce food waste at home. This is because it helps people to buy only what they need. To read more about this, see Household Food and Drink Waste in the United Kingdom 2012.

For more handy money-saving tips and advice, visit our 'How to reduce your food waste' webpage.