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NLWA Wise up to Waste

New Leaf

North London residents attend a New Leaf event

Wasting fresh summer produce like salad, fruit and vegetables means we are also wasting money. Last summer, we ran a series of events which celebrated fresh seasonal food, as well as providing people with the tips and tools to help them make the most of it and waste less food. Click here to check out our film to find out more.

What was it all about?

Research has found that 19% of household food waste is fresh produce, like fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, two thirds of bagged salad gets thrown away. This means that not only is the food itself a waste, but all the time, energy and water that went into growing the salad is an additional waste. It’s for this reason that we ran our New Leaf project, to help north London residents reduce salad food waste and save money. The project included:

  • Surplus Salad Feast: This took place on Wood Green High Road in Haringey. We prepared a range of delicious salads and offered free portions to passersby. We also provided information and tips to help attendees reduce food and save money. In addition, there were activities for children, advice about growing your own salad and about composting.
  • Cookery sessions: Cookery classes were held in each north London borough, focusing on salad and seasonal foods. They taught attendees a range of techniques to help them transform simple, fresh ingredients into tasty meals.
  • Composting sessions: We offered free composting sessions to north London residents to help them transform their unavoidable food waste (like peelings or egg shells) into rich, nutritious compost.