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Recycling tips and information for schools

Recycling at school saves money

Recycling at school is easy and it can also significantly reduce the amount of rubbish your school throws away, which saves money in collection charges. Some recycling schemes can even generate a small income for the school, or you could opt to support a charity with the proceeds. 

Many north London boroughs offer free recycling collections for schools. Councils can also provide schools with recycling boxes, and on request, arrange educational visits. Please contact your local council using the links below if your school is interested in receiving any of these services:





Waltham Forest
Learning about recycling and actively using recycling facilities at school is an exciting way to enrich the curriculum. 

The Recycle Now website provides primary and secondary school staff with information, advice and activities linked to the curriculum (as well as free resources) to guide you through the process of setting up and maintaining effective recycling schemes, and taking a whole school approach to recycling.  Get more info

You can find out more about how to reduce, reuse and recycle by visiting Recycle for London