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At School

Reducing waste at school is as easy as A, B, C...

There are several ways schools can look at reducing the amount of waste they throw away every day. Reducing the amount of waste you make in the first place is a better environmental option and usually cheaper than either recycling or waste disposal.

A. Firstly, look at the amount of waste produced within your school, is it possible to reduce this?

B. Secondly, can you reuse any of the waste produced within your school?

C. Finally, can you recycle any more of the waste that's produced in your school?

Alternatively you can think about composting. Composting saves money, saves energy, saves water and provides free garden compost year after year. Composting at school is a fun way to learn about nature while also reducing the amount of organic waste that the school sends to landfill. An added bonus is that students can actually get to see the end result of their efforts - their finished compost being used in their school's grounds.