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Meet the Repair Specialists - Sarah Klymkiw

Sarah Klymkiw

Sarah Klymkiw is Education Programmes Manager at clothes waste charity Traid and is very much looking forward to being involved in the Repair Cafés with NLWA.

Sarah says "Sewing skills have been squeezed out of school curriculums, and basic sewing techniques are no longer passed down through generations.  It becomes easier to discard and replace than to repair; but a lot of clothes repairs are easier than you think and don’t require a sewing machine, or fancy tools, if you’ve got the time and inclination.

Repair Cafés bridge this much needed skills gap by building the confidence and knowledge needed to fix on a button, take up a hem or patch a hole in a pair of jeans, and bring communities together to share the skills to fix things. We’ve found that by teaching sewing repair skills to others we can extend the wearable life of an item of clothing with all the positive environmental benefits that brings. It also helps save money too!”