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Meet the Repair Specialists - Rachel Brunton

Rachel Brunton is the owner of Xsazia and specialises in repairing clothes.  Rachel started working with an Asian Bridal boutique after her fashion degree, where she gained insight into her Indian heritage. Having started her own business, Xsazia, she now creates her own designs and bridal line that incorporate both English and Indian cultures. Her unique designs are inspired by everyday objects; art; nature; and an element of fantasy. 

Being small, Rachel has always had to adjust; shorten; or completely re-size a garment to fit and this has also extended to family and friends. She is very much looking forward to being involved in the Repair Cafés.

She says: “With today’s fast fashion, it’s easy to buy items of clothing of lesser quality which easily tear, rip or lose buttons. Combined with the fact that basic sewing skills are being lost, more and more textiles and clothes are being thrown out needlessly, creating waste.  

The Repair Cafés are an excellent concept which can help reduce waste and change people’s view of the value of clothes. I’m really pleased to be involved and show people how easy it can be to repair a tired garment and turn it into something different or more modern, or just make it fit better so it can be worn again with pride and style. It’s not only easy, it’s also fun.”

Rachel’s tips and advice:   

  • The internet is full of advice; have a look on Facebook and YouTube where there are plenty of tutorials and short guides
  • Get inspiration from others’ simple and short videos and ideas on how to mend or up-cycle a tiresome garment/item
  • Get creative and try and create something new and different
  • Get your children involved. You don't have to be an expert, so have fun and experiment.