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RELOVED Winners - Nina Brostrøm Laumann

Nina chose to transform a classic white cotton shirt, as this type of clothing is often replaced on the basis of no longer living up to the perfectly pressed and maintained smart-wear look. I wanted to show how the life of a basic white shirt, something most people have in their wardrobe, can continue even after loosing its crisp whiteness. 

Materials used:

  • Oxford white shirt.
  • Turmeric.
  • Red Cabbage. 

Upcycling process:

  1. Her version of the afterlife of the shirt began with dying the fabric using natural methods. She used turmeric and red cabbage to give the shirt new colours. The natural ingredients ensure sustainability as these can be reused as well. For example, the dye can be concentrated to be used as food dye, and the ingredients can even have gone through a juicer before being used for dye. Nina enjoyed a nice meal of cabbage the day I dyed my garment!
  2. This focus is reflected in the design as well; she chose to drape a vivid design inspired by natural elements, such as flower petals or even the beautiful shapes of the cabbage leaves. She retained some of the cut edges of the fabric, rough and frilly as they were, again to create connotations to the wildness of nature.
  3. This design incorporate hands stitched details into the garment. Hand sewing adds to the organic process and it underlines that every garment should be important and not mass produced. The design is based on a zero-waste principle, which means that as much as possible of the old shirt should be used for the new one, and that any scraps or leftover fabric have gained new life as well. She has also made from the scraps matching scrunchies.