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RELOVED Winners - Katarzyna Lukaszynska

This project connected three different unique pieces, a sequins top and a dress of different sizes and completely different material, and old tie. Keeping with the zero-waste spirit, the idea of the project was to use all the elements of all the pieces to combine them into one dress.

Materials used:

  • A sequins marron top.
  • A plaid small dress.
  • Her husband's old tie.

Upcycling process:

  1. The Dress was ripped into 7 pieces which were then sewed back at different locations on the sequins Top. The tie was used as a transitioning and playful element between the top and the lower part of the dress. Some of the sewing had to be done by hand instead of the machine.
  2. The various parts (the front left with the buttons, the bottom part, and the back) of the original dress had to be used and sewed together (in a rather asymmetric way) to form the lower part of the new dress. This was challenging as the original dress was quite small and very limited material was available.