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RELOVED Winners- Ella Wright

Ella took a loose-fitting cardigan and a ripped pair of shorts and combined them to make a cropped top with a draw string waist. The shorts were ripped but she was able to salvage the waistband to make the draw string waist. She decided to made the whole project on khaki because it's much more versatile and easier to match with different outfits and styles. Ella's approach to fashion goes in line with this design, she only chooses to buy new clothes which match the pieces that she already owns which it helps to reduce impulse buying clothing which contributes to all the fast fashion. 

Materials used:

  • Cargo shorts. 
  • Khaki cardigan.

Upcycling process:

  1. Ella got the waistband removed from a ripped pair of shorts which it would be repurposed later to make the draw string wait. She after cropped the cardigan and removed the collar neck as the base of the design.
  2. She took the scrap from the trousers and sewed in to the knitted cardigan to create an new neckline and fitted waistband. Finally, an adjustable string was added to fit the crop jumper to different body types.