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Repairing clothes

When our clothes show signs of wear and tear, it can seem the easiest option to simply get rid of them. However, repairing or altering is easier than you think and you can make your clothes good as new. Needless to say, it is also a great way to save money and can be fun too. If you don’t feel confident to alter a garment, or if it looks complicated, there are lots of professional alteration services available.

There are four textile repair cards below which will teach you how to carry out simple repairs to your clothes. From mending a hole to sewing on a button, find out how you can repair and reuse the clothes you love and save money. 

The repair cards are available here:

1. How to adjust a seam - for the perfect fit 
2. How to repair an edge - hem it in!
3. How to sew on a button - button it!
4. How to repair a hole - darn it