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Organising your clothes

Lots of us are guilty of holding onto clothes which we no longer wear, for one reason or another. The average UK household has around £4,000 worth of clothes in their wardrobe – but around 30% of clothing in wardrobes has not been worn for at least a year. Have a really good look in your wardrobe - there may be some clothes that you have forgotten about, which are still perfectly wearable. If clothes no longer fit, you might be able to adjust them.

If you really know you are not going to wear certain garments, have a clear out. It can be refreshing to know that all the clothes you look at in the morning are ones you would like to wear. If you’re not sure whether you still need something, try packing it away for a few months. If you didn’t miss it, you know you could pass it on.

Organising your clothes doesn’t have to be strict and regimented, but knowing where all your clothes are is actually a pretty good way to: 

  1. find outfits quicker
  2. make your wardrobe look tidier
  3. save money buying clothes you may not need

If you have the space, it can be a good idea to pack away your light summer clothes during the winter and do the same during the summer with your thick winter woollies. This makes it easier to review your wardrobe and select your outfit. You could take this a step further and hang clothes in order of colour or type, making it easier to mix and match.