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Reuse Schemes

Paint Reuse Scheme

All RRCs, except Hornsey Street Islington*, operate a re-use scheme for good quality re-usable paints for community groups and others to re-use.

Residents can donate good quality paint suitable for re-use at the RRC. Please place paint in the designated area on site or speak to a member of staff for assistance.  

Paint is free for community groups, charities, sports clubs and individuals to collect from the site during opening hours. Please speak to a member of staff upon arrival at the site to view the paint available - when collecting the paint you will need to complete a short booking out form before taking away. 

Please note we cannot guarantee the colours or volumes of paint available on site, as this will depend on the materials donated to the recycling centre. 

The following paints are accepted on site: 

  • Re-usable paint in the original container; less than 10 years old; and at least half full or Emulsion (water based paint) including vinyl matt and vinyl silk  
  • Oil-based paint, including gloss, eggshell and satin  
  • Undercoat  
  • Masonary paint  
  • Tile paint  
  • Varnishes and wood stains  

We cannot accept the following paint:

  • Dried paint or paint more than 10 years old 
  • Paint thinners e.g. white spirit 
  • Paint brush cleaners 
  • Paint strippers 
  • Wood preservatives and treatment; creosote, exterior or wood preserver 
  • Specialist car and industrial paints 
  • Aerosol and spray paints 
  • Paint not in its original container 
  • Hazardous paints (paint tins with a hazardous symbol) 
  • Paint from decorators / businesses

Paint which is not suitable for re-use is not accepted. Liquid paint cannot be placed into the general waste. However paint which has hardened into a solid paint residue can be placed within the general waste for disposal.  

*Hornsey Street RRC, Islington does not accept paint.  If you have paint suitable for re-use please use one of the other sites.