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Barnet - Summers Lane


Summers Lane
North Finchley
N12 0RF

Opening Hours:

Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre is normally open: 

Monday to Sunday: 8.45am to 4.15pm

At weekends, it's best to get there well before 3.30pm, to avoid long queues. The centre closes promptly at 4.15 pm and gates will close to new visitors at 4.00pm and earlier at very busy times.

Important notice

In light of the developing situation around COVID-19/Coronavirus, our reuse and recycling centres (RRCs) will not be open to the public for the foreseeable future. This is to enable us to comply with the latest Government guidance on measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes the instruction to members of the public not to travel unless it’s essential, and not to gather in groups larger than two.

We will continue to work with our contractors and borough partners to take appropriate action to ensure that north London continues to provide an effective waste collection and disposal service to residents, and to ensure the safety of our staff. Click here for more information.


Update - Hard plastics 

As of March 2018 we changed our policy on accepting hard plastics such as children’s toys and hard plastic containers. There is no longer a cost-effective market for recycling such goods. We regret that we will not therefore be accepting hard plastics for recycling at this site unless the items are in a good condition and can be reused. Any reusable hard plastic items such as toys will be put aside for collection and delivery to the Second Time Around shop at the Kings Road Reuse and Recycling Centre where they will be sold. Any hard plastic item that is not reusable should be put into the container marked for disposal.

Contact phone number for site:

Tel: 020 8362 0752

The RRC is for the use of residents only for the disposal of household waste. Commercial, trade or industrial waste is not permitted. 

Businesses and traders have a duty of care under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990, to dispose of their waste and recycling in a legal and proper manner. Businesses should contact the Environment Agency for further information. 

Van and trailer policy

North London residents can take a van, pick-up or trailer to Summers Lane RRC on any day of the week. Each household can take a van, pick-up or trailer to an RRC up to five times a year. If you want to take a van, pick-up or trailer to an RRC you must pre-book with the site and give 24 hours notice and take proof of residency and a form of identification (ID). For further details of how to make a van, pick-up or trailer booking please see our van booking procedure page.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access is available to the site.

Items for reuse and recycling accepted here:

Items for general household waste accepted here:

Bicycle reuse scheme operating at this RRC
We currently have a bicycle reuse scheme in operation with 
Recycle your Cycle.  Recycle your Cycle work with the UK prison service to provide training in the refurbishment of bicycles. Bicycles are then sold on through charity shops across the country (and also in the Reuse Shop Second Time Around). 

Please note that any bicycles set aside at the RRC's which are not suitable for reuse are recycled.

Soil and rubble policy
Each north London household can take up to six standard rubble sacks of soil and six standard rubble sacks of rubble to Summers Lane RRC each month. A standard rubble sack is 20” by 30” sack or equivalent.

Any household waste which is not recyclable or suitable for re-use should be placed in the container marked 'General Waste’

Items not accepted here:

Asbestos is not accepted at this site. Asbestos is accepted at Hornsey Street RRC in Islington. You must pre-book with the site if you are planning to drop off asbestos. Full details can be found on the Hornsey Street RRC information page.

Alternatively a free asbestos collection can be ordered from the City of London:  The City of London provides a free hazardous waste collection service for residents in north London. For advice on hazardous waste such as household and garden chemicals please contact the City of London on 020 7332 3433 or visit their household hazardous waste webpage. 

Household and garden chemicals
Household and garden chemicals are not accepted at this site. The City of London provides a free hazardous waste collection service for residents in north London. For advice on hazardous waste such as household and garden chemicals please contact the City of London on 020 7332 3433 or visit their household waste - hazardous waste webpage

Trade waste
Trade (commercial) waste is not accepted at any of our RRCs, however there are some local facilities that do accept trade waste, which you can find a list of here.  Please note that this list has been provided in good faith, but should not be taken as exhaustive or as an endorsement of the companies listed.Site staff reserve the right to reasonably investigate all vehicles. If you are suspected of disposing of trade/commercial or 3rd party waste, the site staff have the right to refuse the vehicle entry into the RRC. 

Unwanted paint
To dispose of paint please contact the City of London on 020 7332 3433 or visit their household waste - hazardous waste webpage to organise a collection. Alternatively, some types of paint can be brought to this site for reuse through the Community RePaint scheme. Please see our paint reuse page for further details.

Stats for site (recycling rates):

Between October 2015 - March 2016 this site achieved a recycling rate of 65%. 

Second Time Around Reuse Shop  

This shops is temporarily closed for operational reasons.