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January 18 2018

Give and Take days

Give and Take days are free community exchange events run by North London Waste Authority (NLWA). Anyone can bring any good quality household item(s) that they no longer want and these items are then offered for free to anyone who would like them.
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November 21 2017

Spotlight on reuse at London Upcycling Show

More than 250 people flocked to the Walthamstow Assembly Hall on Sunday (19 November) for the second ever London Upcycling Show, hosted by North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and environmental charity Groundwork London.
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June 2 2017

North London Waste Prevention Fund inspires new approach to tackling waste

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has established a Waste Prevention Community Fund to support waste prevention initiatives in the north London area. The total amount available for 2017-18 is £40,000 and non-profit making organisations are invited to apply for grants relating to any north London community based initiative.
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March 15 2017

Residents of north London came together to 'Give and Take' lots of goodies

The Give and Take Days which were organised by North London Waste Authority (NLWA) through their Wise Up To Waste campaign, offered residents the opportunity to bring any household item(s) that they no longer needed, so that they could be offered to free to anyone who wants them, in an attempt to encourage reuse and maximise waste prevention.
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December 7 2016

Unused items get a new lease of life at ‘London Upcycling Show’

North London Waste Authority’s first ever upcycling show took place last week and was met with a great response from all those who attended. On Wednesday (30 November) NLWA through it’s ‘Wise Up To Waste’ campaign, teamed up with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy to host what was their first ever upcycling show, in aid of this year’s European Waste Reduction Week.
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November 23 2016

It stinks! Scale of nappy problem revealed

North London Waste Authority has today (22 November) revealed the scale of a contamination problem afflicting north London. With more and more north Londoners wrongly disposing of used nappies in their recycling bins, tonnes of recycling are being thrown away every year.
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