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About Us

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) serves nearly 1.9 million people. We help your councils dispose of the 850,000 tonnes of waste that they collect every year.

Wise Up To Waste is about working with you to reduce waste and increase recycling. In north London, we recycle 33% of our waste. We are working towards increasing that to 50% by 2020.



March 27 2018

Industry leaders discuss food waste reduction at NLWA’s annual conference

With reusable coffee cups aplenty and lots of ‘passing’ on plastic, waste prevention couldn’t be higher on the public’s agenda. It was therefore perfect timing for the 2018 North London Waste Prevention Exchange – by all accounts the only annual conference in the UK which focuses solely on waste prevention. Running now for the fourth year, it’s clear that responsible disposal of waste is of critical importance.
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