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Waste Less in the Community

Get started in your community

When it comes to preventing waste, our local community is a great place to start. The more we can share ideas and resources, the more we can all benefit, and at the same time, keep useful items out of landfill. 

Community centres and other public places may have talks and advice sessions about how to reduce waste and save money, or may be able to point you towards local organisations that can help. Look out for posters and notices in public places and items in your local paper to find out what's on and how you can get involved. Or, why not organise something yourself, using our community workshop toolkit? 

If you have reusable items you want to get rid of, or you would like to receive items for your home, why not talk to your neighbours, attend a give and take day, or contact a local online exchange group? This will not only help to reduce waste in your local area, but could also save you a lot of money.