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Re-use and recycling credits

Reuse and recycling credits are paid to third parties that remove items from the municipal waste stream and reuse or recycle them. This is because these items would otherwise be sent for disposal at the NLWA’s expense. The value of the credit recognises the saving to the NLWA made by the reuse or recycling activity.

View NLWA's policy on third party re-use and recycling credits

Organisations wishing to claim credits must first complete an application form to request registration to receive credits. Following registration, they must submit a quarterly claim for payment and provide evidence of the tonnage recycled or reused.

Registration applications and guidance:

Application for registration (vNov 14)
Application for payment and guidance (vNov14)

When applying for credits you will need to provide your contact details. For more information about our data protection policies in relation to personal data please refer to our Privacy Notice here and our Personal Data Retention Policy available here.

Registrations for 2019/20 must be received by Friday 14 December 2018. Please note: registration is an annual requirement.