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Why reduce your business waste?

It reduces costs

Every business generates waste and disposing of it can be expensive. The cost of commercial waste collections is rising so by reducing waste in the first place your business can save money.

Waste sent to landfill is subject to tax; landfill tax is £82.50 per tonne in 2015 which is 12 times more expensive than it was in 1996.

It’s not just the bill you receive to empty the bin: Other indirect costs and considerations which can make managing your waste very expensive include:

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Handling, storage and transportation costs
  • Staff time and effort
  • Reputation

Producing less rubbish in the first place is the best economic option for any business.

To meet your legal requirements

All businesses create waste and all businesses have a legal duty of care to dispose of their waste responsibly. Your business should:

  • Put waste in a container.
  • Transfer waste only to an authorised person.
  • Complete a transfer note when your waste is removed.
  • Prevent or clear up street litter caused by your business.

If you don’t comply with the legislation you could be held responsible and have to pay a fine. Call the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 or email to find out more, or contact the trade waste service at your local council.

It stimulates the UK economy

Choosing to buy re-used, refurbished or recycled products is a great way to create a sustainable workplace and helps to stimulate markets for the materials we recycle.

Visit the London Re-use Network web page to see what products are available near your business.

It helps the environment

Waste in landfill contributes to climate change: 

  • Waste sent to landfill sites eventually decays, creating the potent greenhouse gas methane (which has 20 times more impact than carbon dioxide) and produces a liquid called leachate, which can lead to serious environmental damage.
  • Transporting waste to disposal sites produces greenhouse gas emissions from using fuel in trucks and other equipment.

By reducing our waste, less will be disposed, which in turn reduces the amount of climate-changing emissions that cause damage to the planet.

You could gain a competitive advantage

As awareness of environmental issues grows, more and more consumers are choosing to ‘buy green’. By putting in place measures to reduce waste, north London businesses (regardless of size) can highlight their environmental performance.

  • Display a certificate or window sticker to show your customers what you’re doing to reduce your environmental impact.
  • Use social media or talk to your customers about steps you are taking to reduce waste.
  • Take part in local community events to encourage publicity for your business.

Producing less rubbish:

  • can save you money
  • helps the environment
  • gives you a market advantage
  • can enhance your reputation

Making one simple change can be a great start to saving money and doing your bit for the environment.

How to get started

If you are just getting started:

  • Start off small – pick just a couple of ideas from within this section of the website.  One small change can offer a business massive savings.
  • Involve all your employees in the planning and implementation stages.

If you have already started, think about how you can improve. For example, are there items which you could reuse instead of buying new ones?