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NLWA Wise up to Waste

Waste Less Food

Waste less food information stall

It’s not just cafes, take-aways and restaurants in north London that throw away waste food, other businesses do too.

Think staff packed lunches, ready meals or from meetings where the organiser has over-estimated the number of attendees or the amount of sandwiches that are required. Food waste may cost either your business or your staff money to throw away.

You can do moreto tackle this waste stream by contacting our Waste Prevention team to enquire about having a food waste presentation or information stall for your staff. Those working in the hospitality or food service may also find the following document useful: Reducing Food Waste: Starting Off. It is a toolkit produced by Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP), aimed at helping businesses reduce their food waste (and save money).

Tel: 020 8489 5741 or email us for more information

Involving customers

Involving your customers in wasting less will be easier for some businesses than for others, but Hackney’s The Castle Climbing Centre made some impressive changes that impacted upon their customers too ..... for example

• serving all food and drinks in re-usable crockery, instead of disposable plates and cups;

• selling re-usable water bottles instead of bottled water;

• modifying their water fountains to make them easier for customers to refill bottles from; and

• they worked with a local artist who made new chairs from the centre’s old climbing rope rather than throwing it away.

Like to know more? Look up the free resources available elsewhere on this website as well as the additional contacts who may be able to help.